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The Necropolitan Times

If you're reading this and don't already know who I am, I'm a 30-year-old writer wannabe living in South Bend, Indiana, USA. I work at an online used bookstore doing an assortment of IT work.

I'm fond of books, politics, movies, computer strategy games, and RPGs. I currently have a gaming group that meets about 1.5 times a week. (Incidentally, while I sometimes share names and concepts between my writing and my gaming--no reason not to hang onto a good idea if it applies in both spheres--I do not belong to the school of thought that says you can write a good book by transcribing a D&D game. Transcribed D&D games are the root of half the bad fantasy out there. The other half comes from people imitating people who are imitating Tolkien, badly. And the third half comes from people who think Tolkien is the Antichrist and are determined never to write anything that is even remotely like The Lord of the Rings in any way, quality included. There's a lot of bad fantasy in the world.)

Politics-wise, I would probably be best described as a New Democrat. I believe that unregulated capitalism is prone to corruption and excess, and government policy is going to affect the free market anyway no matter what, so a certain amount of regulation is both inevitable and necessary. At the same time, I don't think you can solve problems just by throwing money at them, and I believe that agencies with no incentive to run efficiently are prone to devolve into immense, blundering bureaucracies. I'm a big fan of balanced budgets, rigorous separation of church and state, and investment in education. On foreign policy, I favor diplomacy and engagement over confrontation, although I do believe there are times when military intervention is necessary (Iraq was not one of them, but never mind). I think that both parties have some good ideas and good people, and both also have their share of amoral bastards. I generally favor the Democrats, especially since the Republicans are currently in thrall to the religious right, but I try to consider both sides whenever possible.

As you will soon discover if you read my blog, I am very fond of making lists. So here's my list of Blogging Principles, which describes the philosophy I follow, more or less, on this site.

#1. I do not mention anyone's real name, e-mail address, physical address, or phone number, except my own (and even then only in friendslocked posts). I refer to friends by their LJ names, or by their favorite net aliases if they don't have blogs of their own. Note that I will probably apply similar rules to anyone commenting on my posts, i.e., no announcing the real life data of anyone other than you.

#2. I try to make things entertaining. While I do put up the occasional "here's what I did today" post, most of my posts are on random things I'm thinking about, in case anybody wants to talk about them. I also throw in a fair number of posts that are purely for the purpose of amusing my readers.

#3. I reserve the right to be opinionated and unreasonable.

#4. Blogging will take place when I feel like it, if I feel like it, and as often as I feel like it... or don't. Sometimes I blog every day. Other times, I blog once a month. You never know.

Read and, I hope, enjoy!